Featured Highlights

  • Helping America's most vulnerable

    The face of homelessness is changing, see how Debora, Edward, Helen & Amy's struggles brought them to seek the services of Volunteers of America Oklahoma. Each month Volunteers of America Oklahoma reaches out to 2,000 Oklahomans to provide affordable senior housing, residential support to individuals with intellectual disabilities and assisting individuals at the risk of homelessness.
  • Glen Campbell's Goodbye Tour - A Moving Account of Alzheimer's

    Volunteers of America Oklahoma is excited to be hosting a private screening, in Oklahoma City, in partnership with LIFE Senior Services, Alzheimer's Association Oklahoma Chapter and LeadingAge Oklahoma of the award-winning documentary, Glen Campbell…I’ll Be Me.
  • Tulsa Rhinestone Cowboy

    Volunteers of America Oklahoma is thrilled to announce that the Williams Companies Print Services team will be honored as the 2015 Premier Volunteer at our annual Rhinestone Cowboy event on May 1st, 2015 at Cain’s Ballroom. Mike Palmer and his team at Williams Companies Print Services were chosen for this award for their service to the Tulsa nonprofit community. The glitzy side of the American West will come alive this spring at the eighth annual Rhinestone Cowboy – A Tribute to the Glamorous West. We’ll be tipping our cowboy hats and dancing the two-step to OneDrive.
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