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  • Helping America's most vulnerable

    The face of homelessness is changing, see how Debora, Edward, Helen & Amy's struggles brought them to seek the services of Volunteers of America Oklahoma. Each month Volunteers of America Oklahoma reaches out to 2,000 Oklahomans to provide affordable senior housing, residential support to individuals with intellectual disabilities and assisting individuals at the risk of homelessness.
  • Join the Volunteers of America Oklahoma Junior Board

    This is an opportunity for students to learn how nonprofits operate, prepare for events and serve the community. The Junior Board will plan a party for the Volunteers of America Oklahoma clients. Students are invited to submit an application today.
  • Volunteers of America Oklahoma Annual Report

    This is Why We Do What We Do . . . learn more about how and why Volunteers of America Oklahoma serves Oklahoma. Volunteers of America Oklahoma served over 2000 individuals in the past year. This year, a beautiful young woman, previously homeless, achieved her degree as a legal secretary and now wants to become a lawyer; a young man with intellectual disabilities and a serious eating disorder maintained a healthy weight and continues to work and live independent of his parents with daily support from our staff; a great-grandmother on an extremely low fixed income enjoyed decorating her small apartment for Christmas, anticipating a visit from her great grand children. Each of these individuals journeys . . .
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