RSVP Volunteer Recognition Banquet

The 18th annual RSVP Volunteer Recognition Banquet was held last Thursday in Muskogee. Over 110 volunteers who attended were recognized for their service to their communities. Volunteers of America Oklahoma’s Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) serves over 390 volunteers each year. Guest speaker, Lisa Smith, Lake Area United Way, Executive Director, commended the volunteers on the “labor of love” they provide which is an “invaluable service” to each of the four counties served.

RSVP serves Muskogee, Cherokee, McIntosh and Sequoyah counties. Volunteers contributed over 24,096 hours of service to 4,079 individuals in the four county area year to date. The volunteer service hours are equivalent to $532,040 of dedicated in-kind service to their communities*.

The Maud and Ballington Booth Award was presented to faithful RSVP volunteer, Kay Rosson, for her exceptional volunteer service delivering meals to homebound seniors. Kay also serves as receptionist at the Volunteers of America Muskogee office. When asked about why she volunteers, Kay joyfully replies “it is the reason why I was placed on this earth.”

The Maud and Ballington Booth Award was presented for the first time at the RSVP Banquet. The Award is named after the Volunteers of America founders who dedicated their lives to helping America’s most vulnerable in 1896.

RSVP assists seniors in keeping active while aging with dignity and fulfilling a crucial community need by serving others. Thank you RSVP volunteers for your faithful commitment to serve your neighbors!