Become a Life Changer...for Marie

Overwhelmed, broken, and hopeless. Marie was 55 years old when she came to Volunteers of America seeking help managing her finances. The challenges of managing her mental illness and her monthly financial responsibilities were overwhelming. She describes the situation as “being in over my head”. She was homeless, struggling to pay rent and bills each month.

Marie was relieved to receive the help of a financial counselor who guided her in making good financial decisions. She was determined not to experience homelessness again. With guidance, Marie learned how to budget, to spend confidently and to save for the future. She saved for a small down payment on a car and successfully budgeted the monthly car payment. Marie now has a part-time job that she loves and is living a full, active life.

At Volunteers of America, we assist friends, family members and neighbors whose lives take turns they didn’t expect. People we know…people who need assistance which leads to self-reliance and self-sufficiency. Mental illness, substance abuse, disabilities, and financial mismanagement cause people to experience homelessness. For individuals like Marie, our services are life-changing!

Become a life changer! Partner with Volunteers of America to help more of our neighbors, like Marie.


Volunteers of America has assisted over 2,026 individuals statewide with money management challenges.