Natalie's Goals

This Is Why We Do What We Do

Natalie is very driven person, striving to live a full and prosperous life. Natalie has two goals for her life, the first is to support herself with a full-time job. As difficult as this can be for many people, Natalie also has the challenge of overcoming the stereotype some people have with hiring individuals with a developmental disability.

Her goal to support herself as a full-time employee was discovered through Vocational Rehabilitation. Natalie began working at Wal-Mart in a part-time position and it later turned into a full-time job where she earns enough money monthly that she no longer needed disability checks. With Nicole’s perseverance and the help of Volunteers of America Oklahoma she reached her first goal. It could have been a daunting if not scary milestone in her life but she showed no fear with the transition from relying on disability checks to budgeting her own Wal-Mart pay check.

Nicole’s second big goal - if not dream - was to get married! Natalie met her best friend in the Tulsa Housing Authority apartment complex where they both lived. The couple was married in front lobby with family, friends, and other residents there to celebrate them.

Natalie continues to enjoy life with all the joys, sadness, ups and downs that come.