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  • Derayl

    Permanent Supportive Housing

    Before finding his way to Volunteers of America Oklahoma Derayl had given up on himself. “I was mad, sad and didn’t want to keep living. I was on the path of nothing but trying to hurt myself.” Until he found Volunteers of America Oklahoma. “They didn’t see my record, they didn’t see my hurt, they didn’t see my disappointments, they just saw Derayl, a person that needed a chance – a change.”

  • Natalie's Goals

    This Is Why We Do What We Do

    Natalie is very driven person, striving to live a full and prosperous life. Natalie has two goals for her life, the first is to support herself with a full-time job. As difficult as this can be for many people, Natalie also has the challenge of overcoming the stereotype some people have with hiring individuals with a developmental disability.