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  • Dedra's Story

    Dedra shares her story and how money management services creates stability.

  • VOLUTE 2022

    Dedra in stable housing with Payee Services, senior housing partnership for quality support and Rachel, a veteran in housing from homelessness

  • Serving Strong Video

    Volunteers of America Oklahoma staff received the Serving Strong Award at VOLUTE 2021

  • Board Member Dan Higgins Honored

    Dan Higgins honored at dinner in his honor.

  • Covid-19 Video

    Volunteers of America Oklahoma documented how we managed operations, received help from community partners and how clients kept themselves entertained while social distancing.

  • Thanksgiving 2019

    Wishing staff and friends a warm Thanksgiving. Thank you!

  • Rich's Story

    Learn how Rich took advantage of the many services offered by Volunteers of America Oklahoma Veterans Employment Services to help him get a job.

  • Norma Shares The Challenges She Faced To Overcome Addiction and Chronic Homelessness

    Norma overcame substance abuse and homelessness with housing and supportive services.

  • John Shares How Money Management Services Changed His Life For the Better

    John is challenged by severe mental illness. Payee Services ensures stable housing and mental health treatment.

  • Moral Injury Is a War Inside

    Moral Injury is an internal struggle. It's the guilt that comes from doing something you believe is wrong, from breaking your own moral code. For some people, it's all consuming. They question their ability to do good, to go on. They turn to alcohol, drugs, self-harm. At Volunteers of America, we're prioritizing Moral Injury research and care to make sure no one fights this battle alone.