Housing Services

Opening Doors to Housing for Individuals and Veterans Experiencing Homelessness

VOA Oklahoma works to end homelessness by providing safe shelter, meals, housing support, and essential services that pave the way to employment and a brighter future. For every person we reach, many more need our help. As a partner in The Way Home For Tulsa Continuum of Care, VOA Oklahoma is working to make homelessness rare, brief and non-recurring.

Permanent Supportive Housing

VOA Oklahoma’s Permanent Supportive Housing provides housing and 24/7 intensive case management to people experiencing chronic homelessness. The individuals served are challenged by severe mental illness, substance use disorders and physical disabilities. The program emphasizes case management tailored to connect with available community resources. The goal for each participant is to achieve stable housing, receive medical and behavioral health treatment, life skills training and vocational skills leading to employment. Program serves the Tulsa area.

You Can Help!

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