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Volute 2021

Volute - An Elevated Experience

Volute portrays the circular nature and the constant support provided for our neighbors in need. It is evident in the momentum clients experience as they are helped along a new path.  With this in mind, it is only natural that our annual event goes through its own evolution.

Join us for an enjoyable evening creating momentum and supports for our services which carry our clients forward… upward.

The Volute Experience offers both a virtual and an in-person option.  

Virtually, the format will allow you to remain safely in your own home and receive the Volute Experience.  In-person, you will be able to gather socially, remain safely physically distanced and receive the Volute Experience. You choose which option you prefer.


Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
150 people receive 24/7 support by 270 staff caregivers
Presenting Sponsor including The Volute Experience
1 Year Media Recognition

MOMENTUM - $15,000
Volunteer Services
416 senior volunteers serve 8,500 children, families and homebound elderly
Dinner Sponsor including The Volute Experience
9 Months Social Media Recognition

INNOVATION - $10,000
Homeless Services
1,200 people receive money management, budgeting, life skills and housing counseling
Virtual Sponsor including The Volute Experience
6 Months Social Media Recognition

Veteran Services
1,200 veterans receive employment services, housing counseling and life skills training
The Volute Experience
3 Months Social Media Recognition


Senior Services
500 seniors and the disabled live in quality, affordable housing
The Volute Experience
1 Month Social Media Recognition



VOLUTE | 2.5.2021

Save the date! Contact Holly Yeagle, or 918-307-1500 for sponsorship information