Payee Services

When a person is on a fixed income it is hard to stay within a budget. Our Payee Services Program helps people create a budget and work out a plan to pay off debts, pay for needed medications, rent, groceries, and so on. Many of our clients have a mental or physical disability that makes it difficult for them to make sure bills are paid on time.
We work closely with other agencies that provide temporary and transitional housing. Our job is to provide financial case management to ensure income covers expenses to keep people in their housing.

Thanks to the generous donations of several local foundations we were able to expand this program to serve other populations including seniors, recently released offenders, young adults who have aged out of the foster care system, individuals with intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities and more. This program is available in Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Muskogee.

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To apply for a Volunteers of America Oklahoma Payee Services Coordinator please save or print the form below to submit you must fax or email using the information at the bottom of the form.

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Volunteers of America Oklahoma - Payee Services
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405-415-8448 or 405-415-8447  or

Volunteers of America Oklahoma - Payee Services
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Resources for This Section

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    After Jessica Sanford became homeless and separated from her family, social workers began helping her achieve mental health wellness, including gaining approval for Social Security Disability Income. That steady income was too much for Sanford to handle so she joined the Payee Services program offered by Volunteers of America.